This coming year I am working on a new project: Inspiration In 2014. Every month I will mail you something that has inspired me the previous month. This something might take the form of a newspaper clipping or a photocopy of a cool photo; some months I might make something like a mix-cd or a digital print. I'm not exactly sure how this will go. Either way, I'm excited to personally share something with you every month!

Choose your location!
A few things:

*I'm charging the cost of a stamp x 12 ($5.46 US & $13.20 International) to hold myself to the project.

*I'm not trying to romanticize sending and receiving mail. I'm just trying to elevate the act of sharing past a tweet or blog post (not that there is anything wrong with that.) With that said, this project is not meant to be precious in anyway. You can feel free to toss whatever it is I send you.

*If you don't have PayPal or can't afford the cost of postage, feel free to email me

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